Even though Thorg is a new application, there’s a rich history behind it supported by a team with a proven track record and experience in decentralized systems, blockchain and computer science.

Short story

Thorg is an application designed to mine cryptocurrency in a fun and easy way. It’s built on top of the Golem Network, by the team behind this protocol.

Golem Network is an accessible, reliable and censorship-resistant protocol, democratizing access to digital resources and connecting users through a flexible,
open-source platform.

Golem is one of the first blockchain projects within the Ethereum ecosystem, originating in 2014. In 2016, Golem Factory GmbH was one of the first teams to crowdfund for the construction of their project. 

In 2018, the Golem team demoed the first PoC for mining on top of the network, under the Golem Unlimited product. After deciding to improve the core platform, this project was sunsetted, but the knowledge acquired during the process persisted. 

In 2021, Golem launched mainnet for the most evolved iteration of its protocol, featuring layer 2 transactions, solving one of the core problems within Ethereum-based applications. The know-how of building decentralized systems, blockchain applications, and layer 2 solutions brought Thorg to life.