Whether you are crypto-fluent or not, this FAQ will help you learn all you need to get started with the Thorg app and get mining. If you would like to learn more about payments head over to usage page, and if you have any issues running the app check our troubleshooting section.

What is Thorg?

Thorg is a desktop application that allows users to mine cryptocurrency. Once you set up Thorg (we will dive into that below) you will be able to start “mining” (running computations) and get paid in GLM, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency for your machine’s work.

And who is Thorg?

Thorg is a stumpy miner dwarf that wants to take over the network. He is quite greedy, always on the search for more GLM to distribute with his miner friends (AKA, the Thorg app users). He’s also mischievous and unpredictable - you might notice him throwing rocks and doing other silly things on social media now and then - so we like to keep him busy mining. Thorg is notoriously funny (though oftentimes grumpy) and he is always lurking around to make crypto mining fun and easy. 

How does Thorg work?

Thorg is built on top of the Golem Network, a protocol for decentralized exchange of digital resources including idle computing power. 
Thorg is very easy to use and similar to how people use the Golem Network. You install the app and set it up, and once you start it, the app connects your machine to the Golem Network, via the Thorg app, and starts mining Ether. Payouts to the providers are done in GLM, the Golem Network’s Ethereum-based native token.

What is GLM?

GLM is a native Golem Network Token. As a utility token, GLM is used to access the Golem Network and is the currency used in peer-to-peer transactions for renting idle digital resources including spare computing power.

What is the Golem Network?

Golem Network is an accessible, reliable, and censorship-resistant protocol, democratizing access to digital resources and connecting users through a flexible, open-source platform. Sounds like a mouthful? Try to think about us as a global, decentralized network of computers. If you run Thorg Miner your machine will become one of them, as Mining is one of Golem’s many use-cases. Here is our Primer on Golem to help you in your understanding of the network you contribute toward by running the Thorg Miner.

How much can I earn?

Medium range GPU cards should offer up to $4. With high-end graphic cards, your earnings can even reach $10 daily. Remember that GPU mining is only one of two ways of earning, as you can utilize your CPU and compute Golem Network tasks. We are also working on making HODLING more profitable for users, so pay attention to our social media and blogs as more cool stuff will be coming to Thorg!

Where do I get the payouts?

The Thorg application will guide you through setting up your own wallet. You own the keys to the wallet, so all funds will be transferred directly to your account. If you have experience with crypto wallets, you may also choose to set up an external wallet.

What are those “12 words” for the wallet?

This is your Ethereum seed phrase. You might need those 12 words in case of an emergency where your computer fails, allowing you to retrieve your earned GLM tokens with an external wallet (for example, MetaMask.)

How can I make withdrawals?

From within the wallet tab, you can make a withdrawal to any Ethereum address. Be sure that you have enough funds to cover transaction fees. If you would like to sell your GLM tokens on the exchange please be sure that during a withdrawal you have the "Transfer all tokens to L1 chain" checkbox selected. Major exchanges are not currently supporting Layer 2 solutions on their addresses so it is essential to check this option and off-board during a withdrawal to avoid losing your funds. Also check the L2 payment guide here!

What are the minimum requirements to run Thorg miner?

A Windows 10 OS (or above) and for now at least 6GB graphic card. Apart from that, there are no minimum requirements set for Thorg Miner. We are also working on integrating Golem Network tasks that are being computed via CPU as well as lower performing graphic cards support. So stay tuned!

SIDE NOTE. There are cases where Thorg will not work due to anti virus software! Please add an exception and try running it again.

I don’t have a GPU! Can I still use Thorg?

CPU is not yet implemented inside Thorg Miner, but we are working on this. However, you can still earn GLM, but as a Golem network provider, and straight through the miner application. If this is a feature available for your hardware, it will be enabled by default, and in no time, you will be using your CPU power to compute Golem Network tasks and earn GLM tokens that way.

How much electricity will Thorg use?

Using Thorg Miner can use comparable electricity as when you play your favorite gaming titles that are crafted to run on GPU's. As a user, you're able to adjust the user profile which we touch more on in the Q&A below.

Can I play games when mining?

You can, but bear in mind this will impact your gaming experience in the scenario that you have your Thorg Miner set up on max usage profile and you are gaming simultaneously. Simply adjust the app settings and pick the usage profile to your liking or what you are currently doing on your computer.

What is Layer 1?

Golem Network is using the Ethereum blockchain for its payments. The usual Ethereum network is called Layer 1 (L1). Even though Ethereum’s a great blockchain, it can get a bit costly with the transaction fees. However, there are solutions to this. We are using Layer 2 solutions in Thorg, this saves you money in-directly by earning you more GLM (less money goes towards paying fees)! Read detailed guide here!

What is Layer 2?

Layer 2 (L2) solutions are additional layers built on the Ethereum network to make transaction fees and transfer speeds faster and much cheaper (often 100x, all the way to 10^18 cheaper). We are using L2 technology so our users can have more tokens in their pockets and this is all sorted out automatically for the user. 
The only thing you have to remember while running Thorg Miner is that during withdrawals with off-boarding to Layer 1, the transaction fee will reflect L1 fees at the time. Read detailed guide here!

Thorg, the application designed to mine cryptocurrency on top of Golem Network, has been discontinued. Explore our current projects at https://www.golem.network/