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Why Thorg miner

You can earn extra income by mining on Thorg

Extra income

Mine with your GPU while computing tasks on the Golem Network with your CPU, and earn GLM for both actions. No powerful graphic card? CPU mining is coming soon to Thorg, so stay tuned!

Using Thorg miner is safe as it is reliable app


The Thorg miner app, powered by Golem Network, is built only with secure and previously tested modules. Golem Factory has a proven and long track record of delivering secure software. 

Thorg miner offers fast and quick payments thanks to layer 2 solutions

Fast payments

Thorg and Golem Network’s payment modules are built on Ethereum’s Layer 2, meaning that the payouts are fast and cheap. You own your funds - and your in-app wallet. You can also use an external one.

Thorg miner is not charging any fees. So in other words, you will earn the same or similar amount if you would connect directly to the mining market we’re connecting Thorg to. Thorg’s advantages over direct connection are easy setup, smooth UX, alongside faster and almost immediate payments showing up on your account. Jump over to usage page to learn more!

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Thorg, the application designed to mine cryptocurrency on top of Golem Network, has been discontinued. Explore our current projects at